Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Prince Aydin: Paint like a Man (Apparently), performance as part of PAINT BOMB Dec 13

Feature Artist

Jack Mochan's paintings are currently on show as part of PAINT BOMB until Jan 4.

Jack is a Sydney based artist. He holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Sydney University and a Masters of Art Administration from UNSW.

His work for PAINT BOMB is based on sketches he took from his recent visit to the United States and Canada and is based in unusual shapes he found while travelling through cityscapes of New York City, Chicago, Boston, Toronto and San Francisco. His bright colours and lines focus on the mayhem of modern city life.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

PAINT BOMB is a group show organised in a way like a colour code. 

Each artist shares an affinity with colour in their work. Colour has the power to provoke and outrage

particularly the bubble gum pop variety, the crass and the straight up audacious. 

Come and have your eyeballs BOMED out and your fancies tickled by the array of intoxicating colours on display. 

See you there!

 Opening Friday Dec 13 6-8pm

Exhibition Continues until January 4.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

NANA'S Debut & Grand Launch

Despite the stormy weather on Friday the 29th of November people came by the hundreds to welcome NANA into The Emporium and celebrate her lustrous Debut.

The work of Jonathan James, Kate Parker, Jacqueline Larcombe and Madeleine Cruise made an impressive first show, filling the gallery with colour. DJ Tom Kearny mixed some suitably psychedelic tunes to accompany the bold palette which was further enhanced by some synchronized dancing fans.

The Perkins street windows were brought to life like never before with wonderfully provocative performances by Jenna Tapia, Jo Ford and Hilary Park. Tapia in particular left a lasting impression, following her return to Melbourne a showcase of wearable plush armour was left in the windows, simultaneously distressing and entertaining former David Jones shoppers who passed the windows in the proceeding week.

Pastel coloured cakes, sparkling fairy bread, assorted skewers, cucumber sandwiches and marshmallows brought NANA'S style to the table, all of which was washed down by copious amounts of champagne. The availability of official merchandise including home made pickles and jams meant that NANA fans could take home something more than just a hang over... The following Saturday morning for many was spent reminiscing over a wonderful night with none other than tea toast and a suitable preserve, how wonderfully NANA !!

You can see all the hot photos from the night in the NANA'S Debut and Grand Launch Slideshow, published by popular demand at the bottom of this blog.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Feature Artist

NANA is pleased to introduce Jonathan James and his piece: Signal II as this week's feature artist. 

Jonathan James is a Newcastle based artist and academic. He primarily uses old technologies to make images and objects. This use of old technology is in response to an interest in why new media often applies nostalgic filters on digital imagery, among other appropriations from old media.

You can view a selection of Jonathan's work at NANA as part of the current group exhibition: NANA'S Debut, until the 7th of December. 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

NANA celebrates

Join NANA at the Emporium this Friday night to celebrate the re-opening of her neighbours and her Debut launch. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

You are invited to NANA's Debut opening drinks!

Come and view the current group show in the main gallery featuring works by:
Jonathan James
katie Parker
Madeleine Cruise 
Jacqueline Larcombe

We will also be christening our DJs windows on the night with installations and live performances by:
Jenna Tapia, Hillary Park and Jo Ford.

PLUS in the main gallery will be  a pop up chrissy craft store by Katie Crowl aka, 
     Crafty Poss

This event coincides with the re opening of The Emporium and Christmas in the City Celebrations across town. Rumour has it that Santa and the Mayor are coming. Do not miss this!

Please come for drinks from 5-8pm  and help us celebrate!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Open For Business

After much hard work and anticipation NANA opened her doors on Thursday the 14th Novemeber. Greeting curious guests were Naomi Mikhael's elegantly sculptured Ponies who have taken up residence in the front display cabinet.

Many more beautiful objects as well as a debut show by local Newcastle artists are currently on show.

                                                            Pay NANA a visit at:
                                                                The Emporium 
                                                                Hunter St Mall 

                                                                Thursday 10 - 6
                                                                   Friday 10 - 5
                                                                Saturday 10 - 4