Tuesday 15 December 2015

Ink Dust & Offerings : Kate Zeritis

Ink, dust, clay, paper, water. 
The objects in Ink Dust & Offerings are exactly that, offerings. Made from the simplest things, these works document the searching interactions between individual and medium and then offer them to others to continue that interaction.

The ceramics and ink work record a thoughtful and playful sense of touch and sight, illuminate flexibilities, mistakes, forgiveness, give and take. What can the medium and individual offer each other? Who brings what to the table and how can the innate qualities of both parties be appreciated?

The collection of domestic wares are recognisably functional and yet all one of a kind. They encourage mindfulness during our daily habits of eating and sharing. What is awkward at first touch becomes familiar over time. They have taken on a life of their own and will continue to find new relationships with new owners.
Kate Zeritis initially trained in Printmaking at the National Art School. However, she found herself happier with clay and sumi ink. The relationships between her Greek family heritage and love of Australia’s landscape, flora and fauna is a continuous inspiration for her work.

Ink Dust & Offerings 
December 20 2015 - January 20 2017
On exhibition 24/7 in NANA'S gallery windows

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Monday 28 September 2015

NANA and This Is Not Art 2015 present:


A real-time, community-based satirical art protest movement!

in May 2015, the government announced in the Federal Budget that $105 million reduction in funding from the Australia Arts Council. In response to this, hundreds of Australian artists have created works that subject and subvert the image of Arts Minister George Brandis within the visual timeline art history.

The George Brandis Live Art Experience consists of over 1700 pieces of work and within its totality represents a unique single collaborative artwork.

A selection of works will be proudly presented in the NANA contemporary art space windows during this years TINA festival. Oct 1 - 5 2015.

Check out the Facebook /Twitter page (where The Experience unfolds in real time):

Twitter feed: @ArtOfBrandis

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Spring Exhibition

This October NANA and The Workroom gallery have teamed up to curate a group exhibition inspired by Spring. Taking place in the new and improved gallery space of The Emporium in Newcastle, the exhibition promises to be big, bright and textural. A special addition to the show is Miss Adam's Florist, who will be designing some custom fresh blooms for the exhibition which will bring fragrance as well as colour into the space.

Join us for the opening event:
The Emporium - 185 Hunter St Mall Newcastle
October 30th 4 - 5.30pm

Monday 21 September 2015

Feral by Night

NANA'S current exhibition: Feral State Of Mind by Parris Dewhurst looks best by nightfall when the reflections of the sun cease and the interior gallery lights cast shadows over her skeletons and sculptures. Radiating with mystery, Dewhurst's works pull the gaze of the passer by into the den of the gallery space. Throughout three windows Feral State Of Mind depicts soft sculpture amidst an installation of nature: Trees, branches, skeletons and more. The carefully articulated sculptures maintain a reverence for the passing of life in the rawness of natural materials and relics of skeletons, paired with minimal stitching, cushions of fabric and props of wood. We witness an interference between man and nature that is charming, alluring, pretty even, but with a sinter undertone. The signs and symbols in this installation unite as a system of warning, there is a suggestion to prepare and take care for the future. It serves as a reminder that not all appearances run deep and that in nature actions create consequences.
- Madeleine Cruise

Feral State Of Mind closes on the 26th of September 2015

Perkins St -  Newcastle

Sunday 30 August 2015

Love Your Limitations 8 -29 August Eleanor Hanlon


Monday 17 August 2015


This August, in NANA'S gallery window space,  Eleanor Hanlon presents a series of time based Kinetic sculptures. This new series of works are are set to 'perform' tasks often associated for motivation and achievement. Inflating and deflating, night and day, they continuously attempt to fulfil their potential and carry out their instructions.

Eleanor Hanlon is a Newcastle based artist with an interest in performance and sculpture. This is her first solo exhibition with NANA.

Love Your Limitations is on exhibition 24 hours / 7 days a week in NANA'S Perkins Street Window space.

Stay tuned for the announcement of a closing event celebration for Love Your Limitations !