Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Converse Exhibition Opening - July 19th 2014

NANA would like to thank guest curator Eleanor Hanlon for bringing together the work of over a dozen artists for the show Converse that opened on Saturday the 19th July at 2pm. Consisting of sculpture, performance, painting, drawing and video works Converse was a materially generous show that filled the main gallery space. Born out of Hanlon's experience of living in a foreign country within another language, Converse explored conversation barriers and blunders and ways to communicate in a hyper-connected world. In Hanlon's own words the show exposed 'the tension points between knowing and saying, question and answer, between thought and language, loud and quiet'. NANA would like to thank Eleaonor for being our first guest curator and for building a conversation between an ever expanding network of emerging artists in Newcastle and beyond. The show brought together artists from Newcastle, Sydney and France who share a similar strain of thought within their practice which was nurtured through considered curatorship by Hanlon in Converse. The result is a very engaging and provocative exhibition.  


NANA supports emerging art and ideas across all disciplines. If you have a curatorial idea that you would like to bring to life in a supportive and affordable art space then please contact NANA, we would love to hear form you.

Curator Eleanor Hanlon. centre.

A selection of the Converse artists 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The NANA FETE 2014 A Cracker of a day !


Egg and spoon races, lucky dips, sugary fingers, second hand clothing, devonshire tea, lolly guessing competition, face painting, chocolate crackles, bargains at the trash and treasure, Japanese print making, homemade preserves, artwork, aprons, pin the tail on the donkey, bunting and hula hoops.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


NANA knows a thing or two about baking, jam making, sewing, cutting and pasting so what better way to celebrate her talents than at a Fete ! This Saturday the 12th of July NANA has joined forces with her fellow artisans in the Emporium to showcase a day of food, craft and activities. Pop up stalls will fill the gallery including a monster trash and treasure cave. Join adults and kids at 1pm for the inaugural egg and spoon race and win yourself a shimmering pink NANA prize. It all starts at 10am so come along !

Friday, 4 July 2014

                                                            COMING SOON
                                                            July 15-August 9