Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Ink Dust & Offerings : Kate Zeritis

Ink, dust, clay, paper, water. 
The objects in Ink Dust & Offerings are exactly that, offerings. Made from the simplest things, these works document the searching interactions between individual and medium and then offer them to others to continue that interaction.

The ceramics and ink work record a thoughtful and playful sense of touch and sight, illuminate flexibilities, mistakes, forgiveness, give and take. What can the medium and individual offer each other? Who brings what to the table and how can the innate qualities of both parties be appreciated?

The collection of domestic wares are recognisably functional and yet all one of a kind. They encourage mindfulness during our daily habits of eating and sharing. What is awkward at first touch becomes familiar over time. They have taken on a life of their own and will continue to find new relationships with new owners.
Kate Zeritis initially trained in Printmaking at the National Art School. However, she found herself happier with clay and sumi ink. The relationships between her Greek family heritage and love of Australia’s landscape, flora and fauna is a continuous inspiration for her work.

Ink Dust & Offerings 
December 20 2015 - January 20 2017
On exhibition 24/7 in NANA'S gallery windows

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