Wednesday, 8 January 2014


NANA is excited to present her latest show SMOKE STEEL SALT by local artist Madeleine Cruise.

In a collection of collages and paintings Madeleine reflects on the working industrial harbour of Newcastle. The compositions are loosely based on the landscape with figure ground relationships between stormy skies and turbulent ocean, fishing trawlers, smoke stacks and freight ships. Through a process of cutting and pasting collage material and building layered brush strokes Madeleine’s practice becomes part of the working city of Newcastle.

Exhibition continues till the Ist of February so Pop into NANA today and view the complete collection
We are open...
Wed 10 - 4
Thur 10 - 6
Fri    10- 5
Sat   10 - 4

For further information about Madeleine Cruise and her work please visit

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