Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Current Exhibition: PARIS

                                          Paintings by Naomi Mikhaiel 

Exactly a year ago I left Newcastle and went to Paris. I moved into an apartment on rue des Poissonniers in the African quarter. Every day on my way to work I would jostle my way through the makeshift markets lining my street on pieces of cardboard. Black bananas, black fish and peanuts roasting in tin cans, "arachide, arachide arachide". Arms holding phones in your way whispering "galaxy galaxy galaxy” and more men on the corner of Barbès – Rochechouart chanting "Marlboro, Marlboro, marlboro". Turn onto Boulevard de Magenta and the African hair salons appear. Mademoiselle! mademoiselle! Miss? A manicure? no? ...a coffee?  Fantastically shiny, diamond studded formal wear in shops with names like 'Baghdad Wedding' line the boulevard. Tropicana and tigers crawl across stretch nylon dresses, leopard print everything at Zara and H&M and I am distracted from my love of lovely limestone and creamy camembert. There are so many sides to Paris but when I started painting my subconscious was in a rush to catch this moment in time when the life on my street converged with fashion boutiques and the Louvre's collections from Africa and the Middle East. Hip Hop is the new religion and Beyonce is crowned queen bey 2013

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