Friday, 23 May 2014

New Jewellery at NANA'S counter store

  You may recall Top Drawer Jewellery as the elegant cutlery recreations and colourful timber brooches that have been for sale in NANA'S cabinet. This Autumn a new series of stylish neck pieces have been released which from the Club Collection.
In keeping with its signature art of 'Fine Re creation' the Club Collection features re styled tags and medallions from sport & recreation clubs in NSW Australia. No longer a necessary form of identification these emblems attest to a time gone by and range in date from 1978 through to 1989.

 Like former collections from Top Drawer Jewellery The Club Collection is a clever re invention of a common place item which brings attention to its style quality. Sourced from the debris of a forgotten drawer the unique pieces breathe new life into an otherwise forgotten part of Australian history.
The Club Collection is currently on sale at NANA Contemporary Art Space Newcastle.

To see past collections and learn more about the artist you can visit

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