Tuesday, 16 December 2014


NANA Contemporary art space turned one on November 27 2014 and we celebrated with champagne, coloured cake and a giant pass the parcel. 

In only one year NANA has exhibited 5 solo exhibitions and 6 group shows, celebrated 2 Festive Folly events with Renew Newcastle as well as showcased Renew's 5 year anniversary exhibition. NANA presented a satellite exhibition as part of This Is Not Art Festival 2014 famously known as Monuments of the Everyman and has  welcomed guest emerging curators to practice their skills. NANA'S large gallery has also provided a great fundraising space, with events like the NANA Fete and the Plate Show not to mention a workshop space for school holiday groups. 

Congratulations NANA !!

party guests reading NANA'S photo album of 2014

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