Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Monuments of the Everyman Opening Event

Saturday the 4th of October 2014 marked the opening of Monuments of the Everyman - an exhibition curated by NANA directors Madeleine Cruise and Jacqueline Larcombe.  
In this group exhibition NANA invited artists from across Sydney and Newcastle to create monuments that memorialize the everyday experience. In an exhibition designed to question the hierarchical value placed on certain people and events in society, artists were encouraged to create personal works that would stand in contrast to an exclusionary history.
Monuments of the Everyman forms part of the 2014 This Is Not Art (TINA) festival program that responds to the Critical Animals theme:  Possible Futures. The combination of sculpture, site specific work and performance showcased in Monuments of the Everyman can be understood as signposts of the present for future generations.
Monuments of the Everyman
Curated by Madeleine Cruise & Jacqueline Larcombe
1st October – 31st October 2014
Jayanto Damanik
Karolina Ristevski 
Flynn Doran 
Madeleine Cruise 
Eleanor Hanlon
Jacqueline Larcombe
Rosie Deacon
Madeleine Brady
Adam Kelly
Lottie Consalvo
James Drinkwater

Contributors to Madeleine Cruise's work receive their 'trophies'

My life is real, Jacqueline Larcombe.
Burger, Adam Kelly

Jayanto Damanik and audience with his work 'conversation with NANA'

Children interact with Flynn Doran's work

(left to right) Co director of Critical Animals, Madeleine Cruise (NANA) Eleanor Hanlon 

Lottie Consalvo, Swan Song (totem)

Gallery Window: Madeleine Brady, Window Dressing.

Front: James Drinkwater, turning thy back no.2

Front: Rosie Deacon, Little men visit block city.
Rear: Flynn Doran, Negative Space - build your own monument.

Jayanto Damanik and his work 'conversation with NANA'.

Monuments of the Everyman
1st October – 31st October 2014
185 Hunter St Mall Newcastle

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