Friday, 26 September 2014

Kamikaze Sisters EXPOSED

Manon Marguerite working with sequins.

Thursday 25th September 2014 11AM - 1PM 
NANA Gallery windows

During a two hour performance in the gallery windows of NANA the Kamikaze Sisters shed some light onto their practice as two very different artists. In a process of relocating their individual studios into the gallery space, the artists made a bold leap from their private creative worlds into the public domain. Their practice of sewing, gluing illustrating and typing was out in full view,  giving the audience a rare glimpse and understanding of the world behind a finished artwork. Draped in the comforts of their studios including scull and cross bone blankets and my little pony figurines the artists worked and socialised as artists and friends.
During a one week exhibition Kamikaze Sisters Jessica Mcleoud-Yu and Manon Marguerite set up a colourful installation of their work in two of NANA'S Perkins Street Gallery windows. Jessica displayed her recently published book and it's illustrations whilst Manon exhibited her very pink dress creations. Both women are recent graduates of fine art at the University of Newcastle who are now determined to launch their individual brands. This exhibition operates as a celebration of their friendship, founded whilst studying together and their professional debut into the commercial art world.

Jessica Mcleoud-Yu working in the gallery window

From the inside out

The Kamikaze Sister's exhibition is on until Tuesday 30th September.
You can view the exhibition ANY TIME on Perkins St Newcastle

For more information about Jessica and Manon please visit:

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