Friday, 19 September 2014

Coming Soon to NANA'S Windows … Kamikaze Sisters

Manon Marguerite and Jessica McLeod-Yu present: “Kamikaze Sisters - The Worlds of Two Girls Collide"

Inspired by the movie Kamikaze Girls, a story where two girls of different styles come together and become friends.

Utilising two of NANA'S shop windows the Kamizaze sisters will create an installation of their working atelier as well as a commercial exhibition of their artwork. In this joint project the sisters will expose the working lifestyle behind their creative discipline which will be accessible by the public 24 hours 7 days a week. On Thursday the 25th of September the artists will activate the window space further by staging a performance that examines further the role of an artist's image and lifestyle as part of their art making lifestyle.

Both of the artists work in different mediums and have their own individual aesthetics, yet they both work towards a common goal of creating their own brands. 

Exhibition runs from 23rd - 30th of September 
NANA art space. Perkins Street Newcastle 
Performance: Thursday the 25th Septeber 11am - 12pm

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