Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The return of captain Kitty's chicken boat

Rosie Deacon

This September, Sydney artist Rosie Deacon has electrified the NANA art space with a pink chicken boat spectacular. In this mixed media solo show, Deacon uses expandable foam, glitter, paint, beads - you name it really, to tell the story of a Captain Kitty's return. As the audience wanders through a space filled with glittering sculptures and neon pink beams, one starts to wonder if Captain Kitty really has returned or if we have some how been transported back to wherever he/she adventured to. But then this suspicion is dashed when in the centre of the gallery we meet the captain himself, formally known as Captain Sticker Roo, who is awkwardly rocking on his timber legs - it seems he hasn't quite regained his land legs yet. As you would expect, the captain has a side kick: The Long Legged Slurpy Cat, who stands by his side as well as a merry crew of colourfully painted cats, budgies and koalas that dance o the walls. It seems this boat, like any other, has a stow away too who is non other than a flying African Mole Rat ! His cable tie and split pin coat is more than a little disturbing and positioned near the entrance to the gallery, this sculpture has scared off more than a few feeble Newcastle customers.
But don't let that deter you - Rosie Deacon's show is far from horrifying, it's a magnificent tale told through a glorious palette that begs you to discover your own version.

Rosie Deacon is an artist working in sculpture and installation whose work engages with the spectacle of obsession. In 2010, Deacon graduated from the UNSW COFA with first class honours. She was the recipient of both the Gallery Barry Keldoulis Grant for emerging artists and the Dinosaur Designs Prize. Since then she has held solo and group exhibitions at GAFFA and 107 Projects Redfern. This is Rosie's first show with NANA.

Show runs 1 -20 September @ NANA
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